Affordable Gaming

Gaming made affordable. With 14 PC's & a full spectrum of consoles to choose from, we have you covered.

Free Lounge Experience

In town but don't have the time to play? No problem. Enjoy our free lounge featuring daily streams & worldwide esports events.

Thriving Community

Solo queue no more at HUD! Meet gamers like yourself and play in a thriving comunity of gamers & trolls alike.

How we

Pay to play. Or lounge for free.

We keep it simple & offer flexible options for anyone wishing to visit.

Pay to use any of our gaming consoles or custom built gaming PC’s for however long you wish to stay! Don’t feel like paying? You’re more than welcome to visit and hang out with friends!

The arcade era is over.

It’s 2016. It’s time to play like it.

Console gamers can play & compete on multiple Xbox One’s and PlayStation 4’s. PC gamers will feel at home wrecking scrubs at 60FPS on our custom built gaming rigs. Each rig is equipped with top-of-the line gaming peripherals & a custom built-OS specifically for stat-tracking and competitive players alike.

We connect you. With gamers around the world.

We are proud to introduce GG Circuit to gamers in Maine.

For the first time ever, you are now ranked amongst other gamers at other centers around the world. Climb the ranks & win prizes from HUD gametime to gaming peripherals, competition has never felt better in Maine.


  • Custom Built Gaming PC's

    Never drop below 60 frames on our custom HUD built gaming rig’s. 
  • Worldwide Leader-boards

    Rank up & win prizes against other players at other lounges around the world!  
  • Weekly Events

    Ranging from tournaments to nightly selected events, there is always something going on at HUD. 
  • Console Gaming

    Select from our multiple Xbox One’s & Playstation 4’s each equipped with a personal headset for all your trash-talking needs.
  • Fastest Public Internet in Maine

    Plain and simple. We have 100/100 fiber internet. You don’t know low ping like we do. 
  • Bring Your Own

    We understand. You enjoy your rig & setup. Bring your rig! (However please call us before bringing!) 
  • Lounge

    Relax yourself in our lounge space, There’s always something to watch guaranteed. 
  • Food & Drink

    From Doritos to Red Bull, we have just about everything you need to keep kicking ass. 
  • Club Environment

    LED club lighting and music played 24/7. Featuring Monstercat artists & the latest in electronic music.